Craft Projects

I sometimes get the chance to run craft groups which are purely for enjoyment – people love to learn a new skill and to chat at the same time so it’s great to be a part of it!



I’m totally hooked on origami – it seems amazing that something as simple as a sheet of paper can be so versatile and can create anything from mobiles to boxes to lanterns.  Origami is one of my favourite crafts and now I’ve found wet proof paper there’s no limit to the projects that can be done!




Heritage Craft Projects

I grew up experimenting with crafts made from natural materials so I have really enjoyed passing these on to people over the years.



Corn dolls and straw weaving


May garland making can be as easy or complicated as you want to make it but produces beautiful results!


Pumpkin Cutting

I’ve always carved pumpkins in this special way and really enjoy the intricacy and challenge that a complicated cut design can offer.  It’s a lot of work but really effective!



I also enjoy researching and passing on old skills.  I learnt a lot as a child growing up in the country – corn dolls and weaving willow and rushes.  It’s good to be able to expand these skills and pass them on.  It’s also amazing how so many cultures use the materials close to hand and free to create different craft pieces and I love to swap those skills with some of the groups I work with.




Textile Panels

Textiles can be really complicated but also with lots of the bits and pieces available now it can be really good fun and easy.  I always try to use textiles as a tool for people to use to express a concept or idea.  Below are two examples – a portrait panel by a Milan Group member at the Clovelly Road WEA and an otter wall hanging made for the Southampton Scrapstore with the Otter Centre in Otterbourne.

textilepanel wallhanging.jpg